So, has anyone heard of the Creepypasta fandom? If you haven’t, Google it or something. It’s pretty scary! Anyway, If you know what Creepypasta is, You more then likely know of Slenderman? Have you heard of the “Slenderman stabbing?” Before I tell what that is, I’ll tell you how I found it. My birthday is coming up in August and since I’m in the fandom, I figured I could do a Creepypasta party. So I got on Bing and looked up, Creepypasta party. As I was looking I found a link to something called “Slenderman Stabbing”. At first I figured that Slenderman had stabbed someone! (I know he’s more-then-likely fake, but he hasbeen  seen! Just sayin’)  Anyhow, I had to click on it. After all, he’s my favorite Creepypasta. I was fangirling until I saw what it was about. Want to hear that story now? Two twelve year old girls kidnapped another twelve year old girl in to the woods  and stabbed her 19 times!!!!!!! Dang! I know! Now, why did they do it? Because they think that Slenderman is real and that by doing this they could “summon” him and he would invite them to live in his “mansion”. Since I’m in the fandom I was pretty mad. Slenderman is not real!!! So I wanted to learn more about this I poked around a bit. That’s how I found out about the mansion part. And, I found out that some people think this is fandom is about Hell! Now I’m really mad! 

If you want a link to one of the pages, here ya go:                                                                          

A little about me!

Hi! I wanted to tell y’all a few things about me!

1)  My favorite color is blue   2)My favorite TV series is Duck Dynasty.  3) I foster dogs.               4) I am homeschooled 5) My brother, Anthony, is in the Air Force    6) I watch Rhett & Link  7) I mostly have country music on my Ipod   8) I am in like……6 fandoms  9) I’m a fangirl               10) I want  need a Youtube account

Enjoy! If you want me to do this again sometime, let me know! 🙂

So sorry!

Hey! I’m really sorry for not not posting! I am! I have just been SUPER busy with, family, the book that I’m writing, foster dogs, and lots of other stuff. Plus, my dog ate my old laptop cord, so I could not really do anything. Sorry! So, other then post more, (I WILL do that) how can I make my blog better? I’m open to almost anything. so let me know in the comments! 🙂

Finish The Story!

Hello everyone! I want to start this new thing on my blog called, Finish The Story! What will happen is, I will put the name of the story then put (FTS) next to it.

So here is my first story:

As soon as I curled up with my new book, Dragon Rider, i heard a soft knock at the front door. I didn’t want to get up from my comfy spot so I just ignored it. Until I heard mom yell, “Could you get that!?” So I got off my bed, walked to the door and saw….

Sorry that was so short, but I could just keep going until I got to Harry Potter book-size! I will try to put more of… well, just posts! oh, please don’t just put one word as an answer, 100% finish the story! ( I will let you put part 1, part 2 part 3 that kind of thing.)

I’m so mad!

Aaaaarrrrrggggggg!!!!!!  That was me yelling in pure anger! You must be wondering, why?  Well,  as my dad and I were headed back to my house after helping someone, dad wanted to go get some  gas. So I get out of the truck when out of no where this little puppy  comes out from under some truck.  I was so mad! I still am! So when I went over to say hi to this poor puppy,  he just came over,  jumped in my lap and went belly-up!  Then, as soon as that happened, I look up and here comes  1…2…3 more puppy’s and the mamma! At that I go in to see if I could get some dog treats for them. But I remembered, I don’t have any money on me. I felt super bad. But, dad and I had to go. I hated to leave them in that place.

Please, if you see any animals being harmed or beaten, call someone. Call the ASPCA. Call a no-kill shelter. Call someone. Please, if you have a blog or a Facebook account, put something like this up. I want to tell as many  people as I can.

Hey! Sorry I have been gone for so long! I really have been trying to get online more! I promise, I will post something SUPER soon!

Happy Valentines day!

Hello! happy Valentines day! Sorry I have been gone for so long.  Again. 🙂 Well I don’t have anything to tell you  anything but I will try to do something soon.   Stay tuned for more!

Donkey basketball and my crush

On  Monday  I went to donkey basketball and, basically, it’s people playing basketball on donkeys. Anyway, it was soooo funny! At one point, they were playing “musical donkeys” and that is just like musical chairs, just with donkeys. Sorry I couldn’t take any  pics or videos, I forgot the tablet. Anyway, around halftime, I decided to stretch my legs after sitting for so long. I went into next room were all the food was. I looked up, and who did I see? Yep! Jerrod! Omg! I was so nervous! When he looked at me I saw that he had on his glasses that he has never worn before! I don’t know why he’s never worn them before, he is SUPER cute in those red glasses! 🙂 Sadly, we didn’t talk then. But when I went back to my seat, I told dad that I had just seen a friend and I was going to go say hi. So I went over there and said how good he looked in glasses then teased him because he said ‘I know’. I went back like, three times and I wanted to say, “You should wear those glasses more often. And we should hang out more too.” But, I’m good at thinking of stuff like that, but I can never really say it. I’m super shy around him. Anyway, I was so nervous for the rest of the game, that I spilled my coke. Thankfully, not on me.

At the end of the game, I went back into that other room, (remember, I’m homeschooled. So I don’t know every room at that school.)  and I ran into him again but again I still couldn’t talk to him! But then an old friend popped up that I had not seen in a long time. See toke me over to her sister, and for the rest of halftime we just drank our cokes and had a good time.
    Then I said good bye, found my dad, and we headed home. 🙂

    Sorry It toke me so long to finely  get this to you, It’s just that you
can’t be online for too long, so I coped this to Notepad~ on my computer, and worked on it from there! See, Notepad is offline, So problem solved!
Stay tuned for more!